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Skyward User Guide

Skyward Employee Access Logo

Beginning on your first payday in 2020, you can view your paycheck information in Skyward Employee Access.  

To get started, go to the following website:

If you currently have district network access, use your district user name and password to gain access to your information.  If you need assistance with your district network access, please call the Technology Helpdesk at 651-423-7970.

Skyward Login Screen

If you do not have district network access, click on:

Forgot your Username or Password? 

You will be prompted to enter your email address and a message will be sent to that email with login directions.

We are here to assist you:

Skyward helpline – 651-423-7738
Technology Helpdesk – 651-423-7970

Navigating Employee Access

Payroll information will begin to populate on the day of your first paycheck in 2020. 

  • Please note that your net pay may be impacted by 2020 state and federal tax changes. 
Skyward Screenshot 2

Once you have logged in, most users will see this screen.

The Accounts Payable Check History is only applicable for employees that have expense reimbursements. 

Skyward Screenshot 3

If you have access to multiple areas of Skyward you will need to select the down arrow next to the home icon and select Employee Access.

  • Click on the Payroll Check History icon to view your 2020 pay information.
  • Use the down arrow to select “Print Check Stub”.  This is not going to actually print your check, but it will step you through to a screen that you can view your full paycheck.
Skyward Screenshot 4
Skyward Screenshot 5
  • The next screen gives the option of having your social security number display on your check stub.  Just click Next if you do not want it displayed.
  • The ***-**-6789 option will display only the last four digits of your social security number.
  • The 123-45-6789 option will display your entire social security number.
Skyward Screenshot 6

Next, click on Print Check Stub (again, this will just display your check).

Skyward Screenshot 7

This is a sample of how a paycheck looks in Skyward. You will notice that there is not any time off information at this time. You will be able to view your time off (sick leave, personal leave, etc.) in Skyward in the near future.

Skyward Screenshot 8

Click on the home button to take you back to your Skyward homepage (dashboard), or you can use the green button to choose an option.

Please Note:

  • Sick, personal, vacation and floating holiday leave balances, if applicable, will be available in the near future.  You can still view the balance of leave that was used 2019, in myView.
  • You can continue to access myView through March 31, 2020 for payroll check history and 2019 W2 information only.
  • You will receive your 2019 W2 at your work location or through the US mail.
  • Effective April 1, 2020 myView will no longer be available. If there is information you wish to retain that is in myView, please print this from myView prior to April 1.