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Distance Learning Support

Direct classroom questions about coursework to the classroom teacher using email or Schoology Messages.

The district’s Technology Support Department provides hardware, software and networking support to all schools and district offices. 
Benefits for Students

Benefits for Students

Students have greater access to mobile learning inside and outside of the classroom with the district’s one-to-one mobile learning device initiative. This increased access to mobile technology allows students to be more focused and engaged learners, and communicate and collaborate to build the skills necessary for tomorrow’s jobs, some of which haven’t even been created yet.

Contact Us

For further information about District 196 technology initiatives, please contact the Technology Support Department. For technology questions regarding a specific school, contact the school directly and ask for that school’s technology contact.

District Technology Staff and Mobile Device Support Specialists (MDSS)

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Edward Heier

Coord of Technology

Daniel Brownson

Network Specialist

Jodi Day

Tech Communications Spec

Deb Donovan

District Tech Service Desk Spe

Nicholas Erickson

Workstation Deploy Lead Admin

Quinn Kolb

Electronic Communication Spec

Jennifer Lyddy

Learn/Tech Mobile Support Admi

Ryan Panning

Systems Dev & Support Spec

Ricki Prigge

Network Specialist

Janet Pudenz

Tech Support Spec - Sp Ed

LeEarl Rugland

Student Info Sys Support Spec

Mark Sampers

Workstation Deploy Lead Admin (Mac)

Tom Voigt

Information Systems Coord

Emily Wood

Student Info Sys Support Spec

Carol Zenner

District Archivist

Ben Anderson

Mobile Device Support Spec

Isaiah Boyd

Technology Team Support Specia

Karen Erickson

Mobile Device Support Spec

Chris Ferguson

Network Specialist Associate

Kevin Gagnon

Mobile Device Support Spec

Isaac Johnson

Mobile Device Support Spec

Fiyaz Lalani

Mobile Device Support Spec

Nathan Lodermeier

Mobile Device Support Spec

Nancy Mills

Mobile Device Support Spec

Joan Mullaney

Tech Systems Coord - Building

Tyler Nieson

Mobile Device Support Spec

Cathy Pollock

Mobile Device Support Spec

John Ratzlaff

Tech Support Spec - Building

Mike Schaaf

Mobile Device Support Spec

Vivianne Schoenecke

Mobile Device Support Spec