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Student Information

The Student Information Department gathers and processes data on student enrollment and attendance; maintains a detailed, ongoing census of all district residents; conducts demographic analysis, and prepares student enrollment projections for the school district.

Census information

Do you have a new baby? Are you new to town? Did you move recently? If you answered yes to any of these questions, it is important for our future planning to get all children on our census files. After providing your family’s information, you will receive important updates including preschool screening information. Please call Student Information Services at 651-423-7640 with your family’s information.

Enrollment and transfers

Attendance area locator

Use our address locator to check the schools assigned to a specific address within our boundaries. Students attend the school in the attendance area where they live or they may apply to transfer to a different school in the district, if space is available. 


Open enrollment application

This state program allows you to transfer your student from one Minnesota district to another.


Interdistrict transfer

This program allows you to transfer your student to another public school district after January 15. This application is renewed annually.


Intradistrict transfer

This program allows you to transfer your child within District 196. This program is not to be used for meeting daycare needs. The application expires at the end of grades 5, 8 and 12.


Daycare transfer

This program allows you to transfer your elementary student within District 196 to meet your daycare needs. The application is renewed annually, or as necessary.


Student records and transcripts

Parents, guardians and students aged 18 and older can examine contents of their student educational record. They also can challenge the accuracy of educational records and have the right to authorize or deny release of records requested by a third party.

District 196 forwards educational records of students to other schools/districts in which a student seeks or intends to enroll, upon request of that school/district. No notification is made prior to this type of records transfer.

Student Educational Records include the following:

  • Standardized achievement and ability test data
  • Course grades
  • Attendance records
  • Health and medical records
  • Evaluations by professional staff
  • Other information documenting a student’s time in District 196

Locate and obtain your graduate transcripts

Educational transcripts of District 196 graduates are kept at their school of graduation for one year after their date of graduation. After one year, graduate transcripts are maintained at the District 196 Office, located at 3455 153rd Street West, Rosemount, MN 55068.

If you graduated more than a year ago, please complete the following form to obtain your student records. If you graduated within the last year, please contact your school directly to obtain educational transcripts.


Request to review student records or release private data


Please contact the at 651-423-7790 or email with transcript questions. For information on student educational records, contact your child’s principal or call the archive office at 651-423-7710.