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Substitute Teaching

Thank you for your interest in subbing in District 196.  District 196 is currently accepting new substitute teacher to fulfill our growing need.  To substitute in District 196, you must have a valid Minnesota Teaching License through PELSB.   If you do not have a valid MN Teaching License but have a 4-year degree, you can apply for a Short Call Substitute License through PELSB.  With a Short Call Substitute License, you will be required to attend specific Short Call Substitute Training.

Please contact Barb Hall at 651-423-7761 or with questions.

Requirement for Substitute Teaching                        

Current MN Teaching License or Short Call Substitute License (requires separate training)
Must pass a pre-employment background check (paid for by the applicant)
Must attend a New Hire Orientation OR Short Call Substitute Training Week

New Hire Orientation Dates

Orientation Location

Short Call Substitute Training

Short Call Training Location

What to bring with you to Orientation or Training

  1. Two valid forms of ID – Acceptable Documents (Expired documents will not be accepted)
  2. $27.00 fee for the background check (cash or check)
  3. Printed copy of your MN Teaching License
  4. Printed copy of your completed and submitted online application including references (Your application will be available for you to print after you apply online (Complete Application)
  5. Direct deposit information (either a voided check or savings routing and account information)
  6. You do not need to attend an orientation session if you have subbed in District 196 during the past 365 days.

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