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Enrolling Your Child

The enrollment process takes place at your child’s attendance-area school or at the school they will be attending with an approved transfer request.

Census data is required to enroll your child into District 196. It also helps ensure an accurate count of district residents which is used to forecast future school attendance growth and boundary information.

If you have questions about the census form or the requested data, contact Student Information Supervisor Kim Ries at

Find your child’s school

Use the school attendance area locator tool or call 651-423-7640 to locate your child’s attendance area school.

Bring the following to get registered:

  1. A birth certificate or other documentation, such as a passport, confirming your child’s date of birth and legal name;
  2. Proof of required immunizations, and
  3. Proof of early childhood screening (for kindergarten enrollment only).

Attending a different District 196 school 

The resources on this page provide an explanation of what is involved in transferring from one District 196 school to another (intradistrict transfer). This would include transfers based on:

  • Daycare;
  • Parents’ intent to change residency;
  • A junior or senior wanting to remain in a school once their parents have moved, and
  • Parents’ choice of a different school.

Magnet school enrollment follows a different process. Learn more about the magnet schools that are available for elementary and middle school students and the enrollment process for students not living in the magnet school attendance area.

Can my child attend a District 196 school if I live outside of the district?

Policy 502, Student Transfers, and 502.2P, Attendance Priorities for Transfer Students provide an explanation about the open enrollment process. Applications are due by January 15 for the following school year.

Immunization requirements for school enrollment

Minnesota law requires students to have proof of immunizations or a signed statement of conscientious objection in order to enroll and remain in school. Immunization information is available on the Health Services page.

Health history and physical examination for participation in school sports

Please fill out the Health History and Physical Examination Form and have it readily available so we can use it to ensure your child can participate in school activities, or if they need specific accommodations based on their needs, that we can provide them to the best of our ability.

Kindergarten eligibility

A child is eligible for kindergarten if he or she will be 5 years old on or before September 1 of the year he or she will begin school.

  • Early entrance guidelines are available for parents wishing to enroll students who do not meet the age requirement. Parents may also call 651-423-7739 for more information on early entrance to kindergarten.
  • Minnesota requires that all children complete a free screening to detect any health and/or developmental concerns prior to entering kindergarten in a public school. District 196 encourages early childhood screening between three and four years of age. This allows time for a preschool experience or other social/educational opportunities to benefit the child. Please contact Early Childhood Screening at 651-423-7899 for more information.


Busing is provided for students who live 1 mile and further from school for elementary students and 1.5 miles and further for middle school and high school students. These service distance criteria also apply to students attending the district’s magnet schools and all non-public school students. Visit the Transportation Department page for more information or call 651-423-7685.

Before and after school child care

Community Education offers child care through the YMCA SAC Program. Community Education also offers a variety of adult, child, ECFE and aquatics programs.