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District 196 TV

District 196 TV originates from Apple Valley High School, 14450 Hayes Road, Apple Valley, MN, and is part of the District 196 Communications Department. It is responsible for recording and rebroadcasting District 196 School Board meetings as well as supporting schools in rebroadcasting school specific educational programs. District 196 TV also provides on-demand school board meetings and school specific education programming through its YouTube Channel.

District 196 TV Off the Air

District 196 TV channels 189 and 700 are temporarily off the air due to construction at the transmitter site. Programming will resume later this summer. Thank you for your patience! 

Main Contact

Cliff Dodge


Broadcast Schedule

July 2021
Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Sun, Jun 27
Mon, Jun 28
Tue, Jun 29
Wed, Jun 30
Thu, Jul 1
Fri, Jul 2
Sat, Jul 3
Sun, Jul 4
Mon, Jul 5
Tue, Jul 6
Wed, Jul 7
Thu, Jul 8
Fri, Jul 9
Sat, Jul 10
Sun, Jul 11
Mon, Jul 12
Tue, Jul 13
Wed, Jul 14
Thu, Jul 15
Fri, Jul 16
Sat, Jul 17
Sun, Jul 18
Mon, Jul 19
Tue, Jul 20
Wed, Jul 21
Thu, Jul 22
Fri, Jul 23
Sat, Jul 24
Sun, Jul 25
Mon, Jul 26
Tue, Jul 27
Wed, Jul 28
Thu, Jul 29
Fri, Jul 30
Sat, Jul 31
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Cliff Dodge working on the computer behind the scenes