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Legislative Advisory Council


The purpose of the Legislative Advisory Council (LAC) is to enhance community understanding of legislative proposals that impact District 196 and promote citizen involvement in the legislative process. LAC members provide input on the district’s legislative platform, reviews suggestions submitted by citizens and staff and, as appropriate, provides input to the School Board regarding proposed legislation.


The LAC is comprised of seven at-large citizen members with experience in government affairs lobbying and/or the legislative process, and one representative from each of the following District 196 advisory councils and committees who are direct stakeholders in the school district (e.g., a district resident, the parent or guardian of a district student, or a district employee): 

  • Budget Advisory Council
  • Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council
  • Community Education Advisory Council
  • Early Childhood Family Services Advisory Council
  • Integration and Educational Equity Advisory Council
  • Native American Parent Advisory Committee
  • River Valley Project Explore Advisory Council
  • Special Education Advisory Council


Tony Taschner, Director of Communications
Phone: 651-423-7775


The LAC holds at least four meetings each year, as determined by the council, and members communicate electronically between meetings. LAC meetings are open to the public.

Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Until further notice, all LAC meetings will be held virtually via videoconference
Dates: Meetings scheduled for the 2020-21 school year are as follows:

Legislative Priorities