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Gifted and Talented Advisory Council Minutes - May 19, 2020

Members present:

Teri Emery, Amy Denneson (notetaker), Steve Troen, Eric Schmidt, Trevor Johnson, Jennifer Siebenaler, Andrea Poppinga, Jennifer Garnsworthy, Trish Miller, Cory Johnson, Ayesha Rashid, Rachel Utter, Andy George, Brittany Doffing, Janna Flanagan

May 19, 2020

  • Robin Gordon, Equity and Inclusion Coordinator

Achievement and Integration plan has five goals
Goal #4:
The disproportionality of racially and economically diverse students identified for gifted and talented services will increase by 2% each year for Black students, Hispanic/Latino students, Native American students, and FRP students.

  • Sunsetted Young Scholars program
  • Strategies to achieve goal outlined through a narrative
  • Annual accountability measure are in place, including key indicators


  • Identification process

Four categories - students need to meet two for identification

  • CogAT
  • MAP
  • Teacher input

Three layers:

  • Layer 1:  Assessment identified - top 5%
    • 2nd grade:  CogAT, MAP math and reading, HOPE (local norms for all)
    • 3rd grade:  CogAT, MAP math (local norms for both)
    • 4th/5th grade:    CogAT, MAP math (national norms - universal screening did not occur)
  • Layer 2:  Yellow sheet - next 5%

Building teams identified

Question:  how many times do students take the CogAT?  
Answer:  two times - 2nd and 4th

Data of GT identified students
K-1 - not years when students are identified
2 - large increase due to first year of universal screening at grade 2
Overall - 11-12% of students are identified as GT

  • Layer 3:  Reconsideration process

98 requests

  • Evenly distributed across grades
  • All committee decisions were unanimous
  • Added a “wait” category for 15, 5th grade students
  • Identification process 2020-21
  • Universal screening in grade 2 and 4
  • HOPE teacher rating scale will be added to grade 4 (only used with grade 2 this year)
  • Assessment calendar adjusted to spread assessments evenly across year
  • Clustering guidelines
    • Collaborative process between GTD, EL, and SPED - inclusive model
    • Added recommendations for forming clusters/class lists, recommended qualities of a cluster teacher, and expectations of a cluster teacher
  • Priorities 2020-21
    • Collaborative role of GTD teacher
    • Cognitive coaching training for GTD team
    • Support 3rd-5th grade GT cluster teachers
    • Ongoing, blended learning opportunities
    • Create connections across district between grade-alike, cluster teachers
    • Universal screening for GT identification
    • Continue with 2nd grade and add 4th grade
    • Blended and distance learning
    • Innovative ways to support students, including asynchronous instruction
    • Middle school GTD review
    • Review was paused for distance learning
    • Communication
  • Gifted and Talented

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