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Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC) minutes from November 2, 2020

Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council Minutes (CIAC)

November 2, 2020


Attendees: Natalie Albers, Veronica Barnas, Sarah Brass, Melissa Brooks, Robin Cerio, Rachel Chamley, Michelle DeMers, Gary Dion, Sachin Isaacs, Mandy Hill, Jeff Little, Nicole Lonetree, Jackie Magnuson, Arie Moussougan, Runa Mullin, Michael Nehring, Karla Neuenschwander, Sara Novak, Becky Sandhahl, and Steve Troen


  1. Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Review of Agenda


  1. Update on Flexible Learning Plan: Potential Transitions Between Hybrid and Distance Learning


Steve Troen and CIAC members discussed the shift at the secondary level from Hybrid and Digital Academy to Distance Learning. He reviewed the high school and middle school schedules and provided rationale for the new schedules for Distance Learning. In the discussion, the significant change for Digital Academy students was noted. Link to example of Middle and High School Distance Schedule


  1. Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


Stephanie Ochocki (the district’s SEL TOSA0, Courtney Wallander from Rosemount Elementary, and Kym Carter from Rosemount High School, presented information about Social Emotional Learning. As an ice breaker, Stephanie had CIAC members share their name, role, and favorite App (full list of the ideas shared are at the end of the SEL section).


What is SEL?


Stephanie explained that SEL refers to how students self-regulate and communicate with other people. Students use both compassion and empathy to understand the needs of other people, build relationships and make good decisions.


How does SEL affect academic learning for students?


    • Social-emotional skills improve

    • Attitudes about self and others grow in positive manner

    • More connection(s) to their school

    • Social behavior becomes more positive

    • Students’ academic performance improves

    • Reduces students' behavior problems and emotional distress so learning can occur The video provides a

What is the CASEL 5?


The CASEL 5 addresses five broad and interrelated areas of competence: self-awareness, self- management, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making. The visual that was in the article was provided to CIAC members prior to the meeting and shows how these competencies work together.


What does SEL look like in District 196?


Courtney shared information about Conscious Discipline and Move Mindfully (Breathing, Moving, Resting) at the elementary level. A Virtual Calming Room has been added to the district website. All programs include components of CASEL 5. Rachel at Southview explained the staff development for teachers so they can benefit from Move Mindfully as adults.


Kimberly shared information about SEL at the high school level. She shared information about developmental relationships, and explained the research behind connections and relationships and also the Development Relationships Framework. About 140 middle/high school staff have attended REACH training. The REACH Framework focuses on four key areas - advocacy and communication, knowledge sharing, partnerships, and monitoring and evaluation. Some secondary buildings have had staff participate in the Getting Relationships Right training for groups of teachers, paras, and administrators.


Apps of Interest – Shared by CIAC members:

    • 1SecondEveryDay-grabs seconds of video or photo and mashes them into a compilation

    • TouchNote--photo & it creates a postcard & it will mail it for you!

    • Time Hop-collects all photos from phone (show you memories)

    • iPhone reminders--helpful reminders!

    • Apple News

    • Calm--just breathe!

    • Paprika--takes all recipes from online, brings them to one place, grocery lists, timers, etc.

    • Picture This--take a picture of something & it tells you what it is (plant example)

    • TikTok--entertaining & connecting

    • Pinterest--dinner ideas, teaching ideas, etc.

    • Podcast app

    • Good Reads--let’s you organize all of the recommendations

    • Audible--a way to fit reading in during busy times!

    • Sudoku--entertaining

    • Google Calendar--the only way to keep the family organized!

    • Spotify

    • FaceTime--group call feature

    • WhatsApp--being able to connect

    • MediaMonkey--music player

    • Texting app

    • Venmo

    • Instagram--following Scottie Hubs and Gracie

    • Notability--organized and customized to your needs

    • All Trails app--search your area for popular places to get outside

    • Splice--takes lots of video & merges them together into a longer video


  1. Suggested Agenda Items for February 22 Meeting


    • Equity Advisory Board Update

    • Equity and Instructional Advisory Team Update

    • SEL – Continued discussion

    • How are we measuring/assessing our hybrid, digital academy, and distance learning models?

Note: Remaining CIAC Meetings for 2020-21 February 21 and April 19. All meetings are 5-6:30 p.m. Please call Cathy at 651-423-7885 or email if you cannot attend.

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