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Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC) Minutes for February 22, 2021

Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC) Minutes
February 22, 2021

Attendees: Veronica Barnas, Amy Bouma, Sarah Brass, Melissa Brooks, Robin Cerio, Rebecca Chamberlain, Rachel Chamley, Michelle DeMers, Gary Dion, Lisa Edum, Susan Franzen, Sachin Isaacs, Mandy Hill, Ankitha Kumar, Jeff Little, Nicole Lonetree, Jackie Magnuson, Lori Mallory, Arie Moussougan, Runa Mullin, Michael Nehring, Karla Neuenschwander, Sara Novak, Becky Sandhahl, Steve Troen, and Amelia Ubl

I.    Welcome, Introductions, Announcements, Review of Agenda

I.    2019-20 Combined WBWF Summary and Achievement/Integration Progress Report

Link to 2019-20 WBWF/AI Summary Report for 196 Board Retreat

I.    Update and Feedback regarding 196Online (for fall 2021)

  • Steve reviewed the letter of intent sent to MDE regarding 196Online. He also shared a draft of the upcoming communication to families. Committee members shared the following:
  • Building community, particularly at the elementary level, is important
  • What is the criteria for a student to stay in the 196Online school? (Lots of support will be provided to make the model a good fit.)
  • Ensure your courses in the 196Online align with the brick and mortar courses
  • Understand the wide scale comprehensive approach to 196Online, but there will be room in schedules for specialized electives/courses
  • Continue to focus on both brick and mortar 5 days a week and the 196Online
  • Families can switch from one model to the next, at the trimester break, however, transitions might be more difficult the first year
  • Co-curricular opportunities will still be an option for both school models

I.    Suggested Agenda Items for April 19 Meeting

  • Data for academics before and during the pandemic (e.g. grades, test scores, etc.)
  • Data for behavior
  • CIAC Membership – Application Timeline
  • 2020-21 Assessment Schedule and Requirements

Note: Remaining CIAC Meeting for 2020-21 is April 19. All meetings are 5-6:30 p.m. Please call Cathy at 651-423- 7885 or email if you cannot attend.

  • Curriculum & Instruction

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