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Equity Advisory Council

Superintendent Mary Kreger announced creation of the EAC during a July 2020 board meeting where she detailed the district’s heightened focus on equity and efforts to end systemic racism. In June, the School Board approved a resolution denouncing the killing of George Floyd and reinforcing the district’s commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion and justice. The resolution directs Kreger to develop recommendations to address racial inequalities in District 196 schools.


The EAC is comprised of parents, community members, high school students, district administrators, principals, teachers and other staff. There are 25 appointed positions and seven ex-officio members. The committee assigned members to one- or two-year terms this first time only. All future appointments to the EAC will be two-year terms, beginning July 1, with approximately half the positions up each year.

The EAC has authority to make recommendations to the Superintendent’s Cabinet on potential changes needed to ensure equitable practices and systems, and to eliminate the predictability of student achievement based upon race, gender, special education status or eligibility for free and reduced-price school meals. The council’s role is to participate in analysis of data related to student achievement, attendance and discipline; the review of programs and services; community outreach to address the needs of underrepresented families, and to offer multiple perspectives and voice on matters of student equity and inclusion.


  • Leigh Collier (parent/guardian)
  • Khoudia Dia (parent/guardian)
  • Mahin Hamilton (parent/guardian)
  • MJ Lamon (parent/guardian)
  • Scott Tryggeseth (parent/guardian)
  • TBD (parent/guardian)
  • Liz Larson (at-large community member)
  • Fahmo Osman (at-large community member)
  • Luis Fernando Salguero (at-large community member)
  • Tim Suzuki (at-large community member)
  • Julianna Christ (high school student)
  • Grantham Green (high school student)
  • Mohamed Jeylani (high school student)
  • Sahasra Molleti (high school student)
  • TBD (high school student)
  • TBD (high school student)
  • Calvin Keasling (assistant principal)
  • Cathy Kindem (principal)
  • Becky Melville (principal)
  • Michael Gillis (teacher)
  • Tian Grace (teacher)
  • Carol Wekesser (teacher)
  • TBD (teacher)
  • TBD (teacher)
  • TBD (teacher)
  • Alyssa Bartosh (assistant administrator)
  • TBD (cultural family advocate)
  • Jorja Valandra (cultural family advocate)
  • Kate Schmidt (Dakota County United Educators President)

Ex-officio members of the EAC are School Board Members Sachin Isaacs, Cory Johnson and Jackie Magnuson; Superintendent Mary Kreger; Director of Equity and Inclusion Virgil Jones; Director of Elementary Education Sally Soliday; Director of Secondary Education Michael Bolsoni, and Equity and Inclusion Coordinator Violeta Hernandez Espinosa


Susi Yermishkin, Equity and Inclusion executive assistant


The EAC meets as a large group throughout the school year, as determined by the council. Smaller groups, or subcommittees, may meet to discuss specific areas of equity.

Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Until further notice, all EAC meetings will be held virtually via videoconference
Dates for 2022-23 to be determined.