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Magnet Schools

Two elementary students listening to the teacher.

Innovative learning for the 21st century

We have five elementary, one middle and two high school magnet opportunities. Magnet schools are free public schools organized around specialized themes designed to appeal to students' interests and aptitudes. Our magnet school learning environments are designed to successfully educate all students.
We are proud of the innovative learning environment we cultivate in District 196, and another way we engage our students is through our magnet program.
Magnet schools offer parents increased choice in their child’s education by providing a concentrated theme that offers innovative ways to meet students’ learning goals through a particular focus. While giving parents increased choice, our magnet schools still provide the district’s core curriculum in the areas of science, math, language arts and social studies.

To attend our elementary and middle school magnets, and the School of Environmental Studies, parents must fill out and application. A lottery is held for spots at the elementary and middle levels. Admittance into the School of Environmental Studies is based on the number of applicants. 

Tour or apply today!

Selecting a school for your child is an exciting process. We invite families to take a school tour of our magnet schools to find the right fit for their student. A list of school tour dates, times and locations can be found on our Google calendar below. Please contact your school of interest to register for a upcoming tour. Ready to apply? See our applications below.

The elementary and middle school magnet lottery application window for enrollment in 2019-2020 opens Wednesday, Nov. 6, 2019. The elementary application window is open through Jan. 8, 2020, and the middle school application window is open through Feb. 12, 2020. 

The School of Environmental Studies takes application on an ongoing basis. 

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Our magnet schools

Elementary Magnet Schools

Elementary kids working on an experiment.

Cedar Park Elementary Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) School, Apple Valley

Cedar Park students learn to use scientific, technological and mathematical principles in real-life applications. We are located at 7500 Whitney Drive, Apple Valley. Explore our website!

A group of young elementary boys smiling and giving the thumbs up.

Diamond Path School of International Studies, Apple Valley

At Diamond Path, we are creating a society of inquisitive learners who acquire a global perspective for the betterment of our world. We are located at 14455 Diamond Path, Apple Valley. Explore our website!

Two elementary girls working with connect toys.

Echo Park School of Leadership, Engineering and Technology, Burnsville

Echo Park is an inclusive learning environments in which kids can wonder, explore, create and lead. We are located at 14100 County Road 11, Burnsville. Explore our website.

two students working in an outdoor classroom.

Glacier Hills School of Arts and Science, Eagan

Our educators at Glacier Hills are teaching students the academic and social skills necessary to be lifelong learners, with an arts and scientific inquiry focus. We are located at 3825 Glacier Drive, Eagan. Explore our website!

A teacher works with students on a circuit project.

Oak Ridge Elementary School of Leadership, Environmental and Health Sciences, Eagan

At Oak Ridge, students are empowered to achieve through high expectations, collaboration and respect. We are located at 4350 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Eagan. Explore our website!

Valley Middle School of STEM

Two middle school students working on a circuit.

Valley Middle School of STEM,
Apple Valley

Valley Middle School of STEM focuses on educating a global community of innovative thinkers through hands-on learning alongside enthusiastic educators. We take pride in our efforts to ensure rigorous and relevant coursework and building positive relationships with all students.

We are a diverse community of engaged learners who are working to build skills, knowledge and attitudes to live a life that matters. Students cultivate their natural curiosity in a collaborative setting designed to produce and share their learning with the rest of the school community. Valley Middle's STEM curriculum is constantly evolving to include cutting-edge educational technology for all students while remaining comprehensive. Science, math and engineering are balanced with the humanities, visual and performing arts.

We are located at 900 Garden View Drive, Apple Valley. Explore our website!

Apple Valley High School

A senior graduate poses for a photo with her cap and gown and diploma.

Apple Valley High School, Apple Valley

Apple Valley High School is a state and nationally recognized high school offering something for all, including a rigorous curriculum, award-winning arts programs and championship athletic teams. Our fabrication lab and science, technology, engineering and math focus emphasizes critical thinking, creativity, innovation and real-world problem-solving that prepare students for post-secondary education and careers in high-demand STEM-related fields.

Our educational community is committed to challenging all individuals to realize their potential as learners by providing high quality and diverse opportunities for intellectual, emotional and physical growth. STEM education has become increasingly popular. And 2014 District 196 received a $2.99 million federal grant from the Department of Labor to transform our school to provide a dedicated science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) focus over four years. 

We are located at 14450 Hayes Road, Apple Valley. Explore our website!

School of Environmental Studies

Two students studying on a shore of a river.

School of Environmental Studies, Apple Valley

The School of Environmental Studies is a public environmental magnet school for juniors and seniors in high school. It has a unique partnership between District 196, the city of Apple Valley and the State of Minnesota (Minnesota Zoo). Our mission is to create and inspire a thoughtful community of leaders who engage with others to create a sustainable world. 

At the School of Environmental Studies, we believe social interaction is a key component to learning. Effective communities value collaboration, flexibility and respect of one another. New perspectives are gained through intercultural communications and they strengthen relationships between people. And we believe that active, experiential learning is fundamental. 

We are located at 12155 Johnny Cake Ridge Road, Apple Valley. Explore our website!

Magnet School Events