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Name writing, exploring words and head-start worksheets

Name writing and exploring words

We have children write their names using an upper case letter at the beginning and the remaining letters in lower case. The children usually need lots of practice with this, so we appreciate any help you can give at home! According to current research, we encounter lowercase letters 98%
of the time in text. Helping your child practice their name with the initial upper case letter and the remaining lower case letters would be helpful as they learn to take on print. If you explore writing other words with children, please have them learn the word in all lower case letters, so that your child hears consistent instruction. An alphabet chart is included to help you with proper letter formation (handwriting prompts), as used within our writing and word study program.

Children begin writing on blank white paper. Blank white paper provides children with the opportunity to look closely at print. It is important that they learn how to see size, shape and formation of letters without the visual clutter of lines. This allows a child to see the letters and words as they are visually represented in early reading books. Children will transition to lined paper as they gain control of these early concepts in launching print.