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Personal Safety - Getting to and from school

It is important to your child’s safety that they know the following:

  • Their name, phone number, street and house number
  • Students should accept rides only with parents or other drivers approved by the school or
  • parents

If your child walks to school, please be sure they are aware of the following:

  • The safest place to walk is on the sidewalk
  • How to cross the street
  • The meaning of traffic signals
  • The importance of crossing streets only at crosswalks under the supervision of the crossing
  • guard or school patrol
  • The most direct and safest route to school
  • That they should not make any unscheduled stops or visits on their way to or from school

If your child rides the bus to school, they should know:

  • They should wait for the bus off the street
  • They should be careful boarding and leaving the bus
  • That school bus patrols are organized for safety, to help students cross the street and to leave and enter the bus at busy intersections
  • To go directly to the bus stop in the morning and directly home after end of day drop off
  • Notes are required for any change in transportation plans, (i.e., staying after school, picked up after school by a parent, getting off at a friend’s stop, riding a different bus, riding home with a neighbor, etc.) unless a note authorizing a change has been submitted, the school must follow the normal routine for sending children home or to daycare
  • The majority of our kindergarten students walk home safely from the bus stop unsupervised each day. If you choose to meet your child(ren) at the bus stop you must arrive five minutes before the scheduled drop off time. If you regularly meet your child(ren) at the bus stop and are running late, please call Transportation at 651-423-7685.