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English Learners

District 196 is a public school district of choice that is committed to educating, developing, and inspiring our students for lifelong success.

Our committed team of educators is dedicated to helping learners explore the outer limits of their vast potential. Whether it is an affinity for academics, arts and /or athletics, our goal is to expose students to the infinite possibilities within the district and throughout the communities we serve. Together, we encourage students each day to pursue excellence as they experience their exciting journey along the road of life.

Asset-Based Language

District 196 uses student-first, asset-based language including the term “multilingual learner” to describe students who are learning additional languages. The term multilingual learner is a broad category that includes students who were never identified for English Learner (EL) status, students currently receiving ELD instruction, and those who used to have EL status. Using asset-based language focuses on what students bring to the learning environment rather than the service they receive (e.g., special education, reading interventions, etc.). It is recommended to refer to students identified for ELD instruction with terms such as “multilingual learners,” “students with English learner status,” “students identified for EL instruction,” or simply “students” depending upon the context. Because the acronym “EL” is used in federal law, certain contexts may require  the use of EL to refer to this specific group of students.  In this document the terms multilingual learner and EL are both used according to the context

English Learning in District 196

The English Language Development (ELD) program in District 196 provides academic English language support to multilingual learners so they can acquire the skills and knowledge to achieve their academic, linguistic and personal goals. The ELD program supports multilingual learners in acquiring the English they need in order to succeed in the classroom and beyond, in accordance with the State of Minnesota Guidelines and English Language Proficiency Standards. Incoming students are tested for English proficiency when entering District 196 schools, as well as periodically throughout the school year to determine progress and eligibility for continued instruction.

In EL settings, English learners are part of an English language learning experience where students engage in content study and English learning simultaneously. Students are grouped by proficiency level at the elementary through high school level and may or may not share the same native language.

ELD Contacts

Amy Miller

Coordinator of Teaching & Learning

Jenny Leroux

ELD Lead Teacher

Heather Nyseth

ELD Lead Teacher
A female teachers works with a young student to read a book.