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Early Childhood Screening

Children between the ages of 3.5 and 4 years old, who live in District 196, need to participate in an early childhood screening. It takes approximately 20-40 minutes to complete and gather required paperwork/forms and information for this appointment. Therefore, we ask that parents/guardians complete the following documents PRIOR to a child's appointment.

What is Early Childhood Screening?
Important information for parents and families

There will be limited time to fill out paperwork/forms during your child's appointment. Four completed forms and 1 document will be needed for this appointment:


  1. Parental Consent - Early Childhood Health and Developmental Screening
  2. Child History Questionnaire
  3. Registration for Early Childhood Screening
  4. Social-Emotional Questionnaire (Choose the correct one based on your child’s age)


Please bring verification of your child’s age, such as a birth certificate or passport.


Only fill out and submit the census form below if asked to by screening staff when appointment was made via phone or email:

Student and Census Information Form

Father and Young Daughter playing

Find us and register for an appointment

Silver Bell Learning Center Location Map

Appointments can be scheduled online 

Additionally you can email or call us to register if you are having difficulty with our online scheduling:

First available appointment time is 8 a.m. and last time is 3:00 p.m.

Visit us at our Early Childhood Screening offices, located at:
14301 Diamond Path West, Apple Valley, Minnesota 55124


Teacher working with students in classroom-HERO image for Early Childhood Screening