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Emergency Broadband Benefits Program

Need assistance with internet access at home? 

The Emergency Broadband Benefits Program is part of the most recent stimulus package passed by Congress to assist families in need to get access to Internet services. There are several qualifying factors to be eligible for this program including qualifying to participate in the Educational Benefits Program (formerly called the Free and Reduced-Price Meals program.)

This program provides up to $50/month to cover the cost of Internet service to the home. Below are resources to help you determine if this program is right for you. If you find you don't qualify for this service and need assistance with Internet access at home to allow your child(ren) to complete their schoolwork, please contact your child's school.

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Permanent Internet Access

Permanent low-cost programs are available through various carriers. Several programs exist to help make internet service more affordable. There are both government subsidies and low-income internet programs from internet service providers (ISPs) that can lower your internet bill.

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If none of the options above is a solution for you and you need assistance with Internet access at home, please contact your child’s school for additional options.