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Schoology Google Drive Assignments

How to navigate a Google Drive Assignment in the Schoology App

(Note: Please update the Schoology app by going to Schoology in Self-Service and click on Reinstall.)

Once you are in the assignment, you will see two tabs. The Assignment tab shows an overview of the assignment with the description that the teacher has provided.

Assign 1

The My Documents tab brings you to your individual copy of the assignment.

The first time you do this you will need to go through the connecting process where you log in with your Collab account. It will also ask for access to your Google Drive. Click Allow.

Assign 2

Tap on the image of the Google Doc. You will get a pop-up window. Click on Open in app. This will move you to the Google Docs app where you can work on your document.

The same will happen for Slides and Sheets.

Assign 3

When you are finished with your work, go back to the Schoology app and click on Submit Assignment to turn the assignment into Schoology .

To finish the submission, tap Yes, submit.

Assign 4