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Explain Everything

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EXPLAIN EDU - Used by students in grades K-7 

Explain EDU

Explain Everything


Explain Whiteboard

Used by all staff and students grades 8-12

Helpful Tips!

Explain 1

At the start of a project, tap on the name at the top of the screen and give your project a name.

Explain 2

Before adding a new slide, click on the project name and click on Quick Save.

Explain 3

At the end of your worktime, tap on Projects and make sure you save it.

Explain 4

Use the Library Button at the bottom of the home screen to find the project.

Explain 5

If you are unable to find your project, go to the Recovery File in the Library.

To Turn an Explain Everything file Into Schoology

  • Go to the Explain Everything app and find the project you want to submit
  • Tap on Share in the upper right corner. Select Export.
  • Determine how you would like to export (video (most used), document, image, project)
  • Select Copy to Schoology
Explain Schoology

There is a wonderful Help menu located by going to the three dots in the upper right corner.