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English - Letter, Student User Agreement, and Optional Protection Plan (Sec)

Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access

To the Parents/Guardians of Students Entering Grades 6 - 12 in Fall 2019,                                                      

This fall, your child will receive a district-owned iPad to support learning at school and home. Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access was established as a framework for learning and technology in District 196 by a task force in 2013. After years of building teacher capacity in 1:1 beta classrooms and gaining voter approval for funding in the November 2015 referendum, a district-owned iPad will be provided to each student in grades 4-12 to support and enhance learning.                                                       

Your child will receive an iPad within the first two weeks of the school year.  Before receiving the iPad in September, you will need to take action on the following items:

  • Go to your FeePay account and find 19-20 iPad User Agreement (Gr 4-12) ACCEPT or 19-20 iPad User Agreement (Gr 4-12) DECLINE. In these items you will complete two tasks.
  1. Accept or Deny the Optional Protection Plan: There is no cost to participate in the 1:1 access with a district-owned iPad. However, if necessary, families are responsible for the cost of repair or replacement of damaged, lost or stolen iPads. For these reasons, an Optional Protection Plan is being offered to families. Details regarding the Optional Protection Plan are attached.  You are able to determine if you would like to Accept or Decline the Optional Protection Plan.  After October 16, 2019 any family that has not completed the process will be recorded as denying the protection plan. 
  2. Student User Agreement: It is important for students and families to commit to the guidelines and expectations outlined in the iPad Student User Agreement (sample attached).  You and your child will need to agree to the terms of the Student User Agreement to be able to take your district-owned device home on the roll-out date. 

Contact your child’s school if you need assistance with accessing FeePay.


  • Develop family guidelines and expectations regarding the iPad at home.  Work with your child(ren) to determine expectations regarding the following questions.  You may also want to develop a Family Media Plan together (
  1. Where can the iPad be used at home?
  2. What can the iPad be used for?
  3. How long should you be on the iPad at home each day?
  4. Where should the device be charged at night?

Thank you for taking the time to act on the two items above.  If you have additional questions, please contact the school and/or your child’s teacher. 

Electronic Device Optional Protection Plan

(Completed in FeePay)

For $20 per year per iPad, you may purchase a Protection Plan to cover accidental damage to district-issued iPads that are distributed to students as part of the District 196 Learning Technology Program. The Protection Plan is offered as an option and is not required in order for a student to receive a device.  (A reduced-fee option is available for families who qualify for free/reduced lunch). 


What is covered:

  • Accidental Damage – first instance includes complete coverage (parts and labor) on all internal and external components including
  • Glass and LCD screen (layer under glass)
  • Headphone jack
  • Buttons
  • Battery
  • Microphone
  • Protective case
  • NOTE: Additional instances of accidental damage cost $40 each, with the same coverage. If there are three instances of accidental damage, the student must turn in the device to a designated staff member at the end of each day.
  • Theftmust include a police report; all district electronic devices can be tracked and disabled to reduce the likelihood of theft.

What is not covered:

  • Damage purposely caused or allowed by the student
  • Loss of the device (without a police report)
  • Power cord/adapter (unless covered by manufacturer’s warranty) - Approximate Replacement Cost:
    • Apple Cord = $19
    • Apple Adapter = $19


The student’s family is responsible for the cost of replacement (if lost or stolen) and repairs. The estimated costs of replacement and the most common repairs are as follows:


  • iPad = $299
  • Protective case = $50


  • Damaged or broken LCD = $135
  • Damaged or broken glass = $95

The Protection Plan can be purchased at any time during the school year. However, if purchased after issuance of an electronic device, the device must first be inspected by staff to verify its condition.  Any damage, loss or theft of a district-issued device should be immediately reported to a staff member, regardless of whether the Protection Plan was purchased.

iPad Student User Agreement

(Completed in FeePay)

As part of the District 196 Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access, you will be provided with a district-owned device (iPad) to use at home and at school. In order to fully utilize the district-owned device, it is imperative for students and families to commit to the guidelines and expectations listed below and on the back. You need to agree to the terms below online via FeePay to be able to take your district-owned device home on the roll-out date.

Please note if you do not have wireless internet service at home, your child can still use their iPad offline to access content, student work and apps. Additional information about other options for wireless internet access, such as mobile hotspots and low-cost Wi-Fi options are available at your child’s school.

As a student receiving a district-owned device (iPad)...

I will use the device for learning by accessing and analyzing information, collaborating and communicating, problem solving, and innovating and creating to enhance my learning.

To use the device for learning I will…

  • bring my device fully charged to school each day;
  • ask for permission and/or give credit before I post, distribute, or use information that was created by someone else;
  • communicate in a responsible, respectful and kind manner with others;
  • download only the apps as designated by the teacher, and
  • use the device appropriately during class time.


I will take care of the device and make sure that it is returned in the same condition as when I received it.        

To help keep the device in good condition I will…

  • keep the district-provided case on the device at all times;
  • agree to return the device, case and power cord in the same working condition as when I received it;
  • contact my teacher and/or mobile device support specialist immediately if the device is lost, stolen, damaged, or malfunctioning;
  • cooperate with any necessary police report if the device is stolen;
  • agree that I am responsible for the cost of repair or replacement for any loss or damage that occurs while the device is assigned to me;
  • read and follow the expectations on the District 196 Care of the iPad resource page;
  • be the only user of this device;
  • fully charge the device by plugging it in at home each night;
  • carry it in a backpack or school bag when going to and from school;
  • keep it away from food, liquids, magnets and extreme heat or cold;
  • wipe the iPad with a dry cloth when it becomes dirty, and
  • keep the iPad in a safe and secure location when it is not with me.


I will make responsible choices on and off-line when using the device.

To make good choices while using the device I will…

  • respect myself and others online by following the Acceptable Use of Information Technology – Students and consenting to the Permission for Student Access and Use of the Internet;
  • report to an adult immediately if I am or notice someone being cyberbullied;
  • work in the network account assigned to me and take responsibility for all activity associated with my account;
  • only use the camera and video for curricular purposes as permitted of the district program;
  • keep it locked with a passcode when not in use;
  • only share my passcode and passwords with my parents and school staff;
  • protect my own and other people’s private information online;
  • balance my time between being on the device and doing other activities;
  • keep in mind that what I post online is permanent and part of my digital footprint;
  • allow my parent(s)/guardian(s) and school staff to inspect the device and monitor my use (including internet browsing history) at any time without notice, and
  • honor all requests by my parent(s)/guardian(s) and school staff regarding how and when I use my device.


For Student: By signing below you understand that violation of this user agreement may result in disciplinary action in accordance with school procedures and District 196 policies and/or the loss of device use and privileges.

____Done Electronically in FeePay_________

Printed Student Name

____Done Electronically in FeePay_________

Student Signature




For Parents/Guardians: By signing, I acknowledge that I have reviewed the iPad Student User Agreement and watched the Family Device Information Video with my child. I agree that I may be held responsible for the cost of repair or replacement for any loss or damage that occurs while the device is assigned to my child.

____Done Electronically in FeePay_________

Printed Parent/Guardian Name

____Done Electronically in FeePay_________

Parent/Guardian Signature