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Beginning of the Year Resources

iPad Student User Agreement 

As part of the District 196 Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access, you will be provided with a district-owned device (iPad) to use at home and at school. In order to fully utilize the district-owned device, it is imperative for students and families to commit to the guidelines and expectations listed below and on the back. 
Please note if you do not have wireless internet service at home, your child can still use their iPad offline to access content, student work and apps. Additional information about other options for wireless internet access, such as mobile hotspots and low-cost Wi-Fi options are available at your child’s school.

As a student receiving a district-owned device (iPad)...

2021-22 Plan Regarding Damage to District-Issued iPads

What happens if the iPad issued by the school district gets damaged?  Prior to the 2020-21 school year, the district offered an Optional Protection Plan for $20/device to assist families with accidental damage costs.  However, due to the economic effect the pandemic has had on families, the decision was made to automatically enroll ALL iPads with this coverage at no cost to families.  This will continue for the 2021-22 school year.

What this means:

  • The first incident (non-intentional damage) on each iPad that results in the district being charged will be covered by the district
  • There is a $40 deductible for the 2nd incident
  • If there is a 3rd incident, the school and family will work out a plan that makes sense for each situation
  • Intentional damage to an iPad is not covered (including 1st incident)
  • Lost iPads are not covered and must be fully replaced by the family (estimated at $344) unless a police report is provided indicating the iPad was stolen in which case, it will be replaced at no cost to the family
  • Power cords/bricks are not covered under this plan as any replacements for those will be the responsibility of the family (unless covered under warranty)

Questions to Guide At Home Conversations

Ongoing conversations about digital citizenship guide and empower children on how to make thoughtful and reflective decisions when using technology.  The tabs below provide questions and information to help facilitate these at-home conversations.