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Beginning of the Year Resources

iPad Student User Agreement 

As part of the District 196 Dynamic Learning with 1:1 Access, you will be provided with a district-owned device (iPad) to use at home and at school. In order to fully utilize the district-owned device, it is imperative for students and families to commit to the guidelines and expectations listed below and on the back. 
Please note if you do not have wireless internet service at home, your child can still use their iPad offline to access content, student work and apps. Additional information about other options for wireless internet access, such as mobile hotspots and low-cost Wi-Fi options are available at your child’s school.

As a student receiving a district-owned device (iPad)...

Parents must decide on optional iPad Protection Plan

After waiving fees the last two years, District 196 is once again offering an optional iPad Protection Plan for the 2022-23 school year to help protect against unexpected costs for accidental damage to or loss due to theft of a district-issued iPad. Prior to 2020-21 and again this upcoming school year, families may opt into the protection plan for $20 per iPad for the entire school year. There is a reduced fee for students eligible for the Educational Benefits Program, so it is recommended that parents and guardians complete that application first.  

All families are asked to accept or decline the optional iPad Protection Plan by Sept. 19, at which time a non-response will be considered declining the offer. To make their choice, parents and guardians log into their MyPaymentsPlus account, do a search for “iPad” and select one of only two options presented: to accept the protection plan or to decline it. Both options include the Student User Agreement referenced above for review and acknowledgement. Click here for directions on using MyPaymentsPlus or creating an account.  While you must officially accept or decline the protection plan via MyPaymentsPlus, you can preview what the plan does and does not cover here

Questions to Guide At Home Conversations

Ongoing conversations about digital citizenship guide and empower children on how to make thoughtful and reflective decisions when using technology.  The tabs below provide questions and information to help facilitate these at-home conversations.