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iPads & Technology

Students will be allowed to keep their district-owned iPads, Chromebooks and hotspots over the summer. This allows learning opportunities to continue throughout the summer. Families can find a variety of options on our Distance Learning and Friday Flex Day webpages.

You can also put it in a safe space until school resumes. Additionally, to help your child easily reconnect to district resources when school resumes, we encourage you to store usernames and passwords in a safe location. 

A male elementary student working on an iPad.

Digital Citizenship

While additional access can be helpful, it is also important to develop guidelines and expectations about safe and responsible use. One strategy to help guide conversations about summer expectations is to create a Family Media Plan. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends:

  • Children/adolescents get the recommended one hour of daily physical activity and adequate sleep (8-12 hours daily);
  • Children/adolescents not sleep with devices in their bedroom, including televisions, computers, tablets and smartphones;
  • Designating media-free times (e.g. during meals and at bedtime) and locations (e.g. bedroom and kitchen);
  • Ongoing communication with children about digital citizenship, and 
  • Developing a network of trusted adults who can engage with children/adolescents through social media and to whom they can turn to if/when they encounter challenges.