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Strategic Roadmap

Superintendent Mary Kreger works with a teacher and student.


Our Core Purpose with Distinction 

Educating, developing, and inspiring our students for lifelong success. 


What We Intend to Create

District 196 provides the experiences that our students, families and employees desire by:

  • Developing the whole student and honoring diverse needs and cultures;
  • Engaging students with opportunities in academics, arts and athletics, and
  • Living our mission and core values to prepare students, families and employees for lifelong success.

Core Values

Drivers of Our Words and Actions        
  • Student-Centered – All decisions are centered on what is best for students.
  • Empathy – Seeking awareness and understanding of the perspectives and experiences of others.
  • Wellness – Support the emotional, social and physical well-being of the whole person.
  • Integrity – Act with respect, honesty and responsibility.
  • Achievement – Provide learning with high expectations, rigor and resiliency for all.
  • Collaboration – Learn and engage together for a shared purpose.
  • Community – Foster an environment of inclusivity, engagement and belonging.
  • Lifelong Learning – Inspire a love of learning for all ages.

Strategic Priorities

Focus of Our Continuous Improvement      
  • Wellbeing: Increasing capacities, skills, structures, and experiences in social-emotional well-being.

  • Achievement: Strengthening and aligning curriculum and instructional practices across all classrooms to improve student outcomes and staff efficacy.

  • Equity: Supporting equity as a core competency through practices, structures, beliefs, resources and staffing. 

  • Resources: Providing staffing, facilities, technology and equipment needed to support a safe, sustainable and  dynamic learning environment for all students.