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Committees Assignments and Appointments

There are four ongoing School Board committees and board members serve appointments on numerous districtwide councils and committees, and state organizations.

Audit and Finance Committee

Reviews financial matters with the assistance of the superintendent and designated staff. Members are liaisons to the district Budget Advisory Council (BAC).

Curriculum and Instruction Committee

Works with the superintendent, director of teaching and learning, and others to review, study and, as requested, develop recommendations pertaining to what and how students are taught. Members are liaisons to the Curriculum and Instruction Advisory Council (CIAC) and the Gifted and Talented Advisory Council. (According to Administrative Regulation 201.6AR School Board Committee Descriptions, the GTAC liaison is to come from the Board Curriculum and Instruction Committee.).

Legislative Committee

Develops and promotes legislative efforts that support District 196 programs.

Policy Review Committee

Reviews new and revised School Board policies that would not logically be reviewed by another board committee before they are presented to the full board.