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Series 710.2.3AR - Use of School Kitchens

Adopted: June 1999

1.  Purpose of Kitchens

1.1  School kitchens are designed and equipped to be used by Food and Nutrition Services Department staff to provide meals for students. 

1.2  School kitchens and equipment may be used for other purposes and by other groups only with a qualified Food and Nutrition Services Department employee present.  For more information, refer to Administrative Regulation 801.5AR, Community Use of District Facilities.

2.  Food -- In accordance with state law, all food served in schools must be obtained from sources which are approved and inspected by federal, state or local regulatory authorities.  Therefore, food served in a school must be obtained from the district Food and Nutrition Services Department, a licensed caterer, or a commercial retailer.

2.1  Food shall be catered through the Food and Nutrition Services Department or through an outside licensed caterer.

2.2  Food shall be served in the school cafeteria or other approved location.