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Series 707.8AR - Transportation of Special Education Students/Students with Disabilities

Adopted: July 1980
Revised: June 2011

1. The length of time a student with a disability is transported shall be appropriate to the physical, mental and emotional well-being of the student.

2. Vehicles will be equipped with two-way radios to allow drivers to communicate directly with the transportation office.

3. Specially adapted seats, support and/or protective devices shall be provided for all students who require such devices to insure safe transportation. These shall be selected in consultation with the parents on the basis of the specific needs of the student.

4. Chaperones shall be assigned to supervise and assist students in transit as deemed necessary by the coordinator of transportation and/or director of special education.

5. Training – Drivers and chaperones are required to have inservice training in first aid and in dealing with the specific needs of the students on the route.

6. Access to student information – Drivers and chaperones transporting students with a disability shall have the following information available to them in hard copy or immediately accessible by two-way radio:

6.1    the student’s name;

6.2    the nature of the student’s disability;

6.3    emergency health care information, and

6.4    the names and telephone numbers of the student’s physician, parents, guardians, or custodians, and some person other than the student’s parents or custodians who can be contacted in case of an emergency.

7. Drivers and chaperones are in a position to make observations of student behavior which may provide valuable information to the child study team. Such observations are to be reported to the principal.

8. Parent(s)/guardian(s) must complete Procedure 707.8P, Special Education Transportation Request and return it to the Transportation Department before transportation will be provided.


  • Minnesota Rules 7470.1600, Transporting Pupils with Disability
  • Minnesota Rules 7470.1700, Drivers and Aides for Pupils with Disability