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Series - 707.2.5.4P - Student Misbehavior in a District Vehicle: Verbal Warning


Student name                                      Grade           School                                              

Date of incident                (a.m., noon, p.m., activity) Bus No.               Driver                           

Bus driver or chaperone:  Complete the following form each time you give a student a verbal warning for misbehavior, have the student initial the form and keep the form in your records.

Reason for verbal warning                                                                                      








                                                                             Driver’s signature


To the student:  The behavior described above is considered unacceptable and could be a safety risk to yourself and other students riding the bus. District transportation is a privilege and students are responsible for their individual actions while riding a district vehicle. Continued misbehavior can result in a written referral resulting in loss of bus riding privileges or other consequences.

Student’s Initials:  (by initialing you are indicating that you have read and either agree or disagree with the described behavior)

                                                 Agree                             Disagree

Student’s comments: