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Series 707.2.5.1P - Guidelines for Responding to Misbehavior by Students in District Vehicles

Adopted: March 1979
Revised: October 2006


1. Role of the Bus Driver

1.1 The bus driver is responsible for maintaining appropriate student behavior on the bus and is authorized to assign students to specific seats.

1.2 The driver will report students who violate the rules to the student's school principal or the Transportation Department student conduct specialist.

1.3 The guidelines for bus drivers to follow are outlined in the handbook, Assertive Discipline for Bus Drivers.

2. Role of the Principal and Transportation Department Student Conduct Specialist – The principal (or principal’s designee) or Transportation Department Student Conduct Specialist will follow the process outlined below when he or she receives a Referral for Student Misbehavior in District Vehicle, Grades Preschool-12 (Procedure 707.2.5.2P) from the bus driver.

2.1 The principal or designee or student conduct specialist will talk with the student and send a copy of the referral to the student's parent or guardian.

2.2 The principal or designee or student conduct specialist will take appropriate disciplinary action and talk with the parent(s) or guardian(s), in accordance with Administrative Regulation 503.3AR, Student Behavior Expectations and Consequences for Misbehavior.

3. This regulation may not apply to some students with disabilities. – Bus discipline guidelines for such students are outlined in District Procedure 707.2.5.3P, Responding to Misbehavior by Certain Students With Disabilities on District Vehicles.