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Series - 704.2.2P - Check Request Forms and Procedures

Adopted: June 2007
Revised: February 2019


1. Purpose - The purpose of a check request form is to provide necessary documentation as required by generally accepted accounting principles for the payment of bills when there is no purchase order.

2. Procedure 704.2.2.1P, Check Request – General – The following purchases may be submitted without a purchase order on Procedure 704.2.2.1P, Check Request – General:

2.1 Travel arrangements – Although the procurement card (PCard) is the preferred method of payment for travel arrangements, field trips and conference registrations, when use of PCard is not possible, a check request may be used to request payment provided all supporting documentation is included;

2.2 Utilities;

2.3 Non-employee reimbursements – Repayment of non-employees for reimburseable items; and

2.4 Other authorized purchases for which a purchase order is not required.

3. Procedure 704.2.2.2P, Check Request – Independent Contractor/Consulting Services – The following purchases may be submitted without a purchase order on Procedure 704.2.2.2P, Check Request – Independent Contractor/Consulting Services:

3.1 Direct purchases of services from non-employee consultants or contractors including Student Activity Account "SAA” consultants or contractors (attach an invoice to support your request); and

3.2 Election judges.

4. Procedure 405.8.3.2P, Employee Check Request Employee expense reimbursements may be submitted without a purchase order on Procedure 405.8.3.2P, Employee Check Request, with the supporting documentation. Reimbursement requests for expenses must be submitted within 60 days after the expenses were paid or incurred.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, reimbursement amounts for expenses submitted after the 60-day period will be treated as taxable income, subject to income and employment taxes per IRS guidelines. 

5. Procedure 402., Event Worker Voucher Form – Compensation for cocurricular and athletic events workers should be processed using Procedure 402., Event Worker Voucher Form.

6. Procedure 701.8.2P, Student Activity Account Forms – Except as provided in section 3.1 pertaining to non-employee consultants and contractors, purchases and reimbursements by a SAA should be processed using 701.8.2P, Student Activity Account Forms.