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Series 703.5.1.2P - School or Department Acceptance of Gifts/Grants Valued Under $500


Directions:  Principals and program coordinators are to keep a list of gifts and grants valued under $500 they receive each quarter and forward the list to their director by the 30th of each of the following months:  November, February, May and August.

The following is a list of all gifts and grants received by ______________________________ during the first/second/third/fourth quarter (circle one).                                                     name of school or program



Description of Gift/Grant Valued Under $500

Estimated Value




































































(estimated value for all items)







signature of school/department administrator        date


signature of director               date



School Principal/Coordinator routes to:

Appropriate director

Superintendent _____

Director of Finance and Operations

The School Board will take action on these gifts and grants at the second School Board meeting in December, March, June or September.