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Series 703.5.1.1P - Gifts Valued at $500 or More

Adopted: November 1979
Revised: November 2016


We appreciate your interest in considering a gift to (check one):

❏ a school, specify                                                                                                     

❏ a district department, specify                                                                                  

❏ the district

❏ Student Activity Account, specify                                                                            

Please indicate the type of gift you are considering:

❏ Cash Amount :                       

❏ Other:                                                                                                                   

Intended use:                                                                                                                  


Estimated value:                            (For school district gift acceptance purposes only. See IRS regulation for tax deductibility.)

Would this gift be given in honor or memory of someone or something?  Please explain:




Organization you represent:                                                                                             

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Gifts may only be accepted by action of the School Board

School/Department Recommendation:  ❏ Accept gift    ❏ Not accept gift




____________________________________              Account Code:                                              

Signature of Administrator     Date

Director’s Recommendation:  ❏ Accept gift     ❏ Not accept gift


Signature of Administrator   Date

School Principal/Coordinator routes to:

      Appropriate director                                                   

      Superintendent _____

Director of Finance and Operations - Date the School Board is scheduled to take action on this gift