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Series 640 - Shared Time and Other Services Available to Nonpublic Schools 

Adopted: February 1989
Revised: December 2016

1. Definition -- For the purposes of this policy, nonpublic schools are defined as traditional private and parochial schools, and home schools.

2. Available Programs, Materials and Services

2.1 In accordance with state and federal law, specific District 196 programs, materials and services shall be made available to nonpublic schools and students enrolled in nonpublic schools within the boundaries of District 196.

2.1.1 The superintendent or designee shall annually send information about programs, materials and services available to nonpublic schools in District 196.

2.1.2 All nonpublic schools located in District 196 that are in compliance with the Minnesota compulsory attendance law shall have equal access to these programs, materials and services. 

2.2 Homeschooled middle school and high school students may enroll in   District 196 middle school or high school courses, as described in Administrative Regulation 640.2.2AR, Home School Shared Time Students in Middle School and High School Curricular Courses.

2.3 Home school students may participate in District 196 cocurricular activities, as described in Administrative Regulation 640.2.3AR, Home School Student Participation in Cocurricular Activities.

3. Changes in Programs, Materials and Services -- The programs, materials and services available may change in accordance with federal and state laws, rules and regulations, and at the discretion of the District 196 School Board, within the limits of state and federal law.


  • Minnesota Statute 123B.49, Extracurricular activities; Insurance
  • Minnesota Statute 126C.19, Shared Time Aid