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Series 604. - High School Coach Evaluation: Middle School Student Participation in High School Junior Varsity or Varsity Athletic Activities-Gifted Athlete 


Student’s name                                                                                                     


Middle school _____________________________ Sport                                                    

High school where student participated  _____________________________________________                   

Please complete and return this form to the student’s middle school principal within two weeks following the completion of the season.

1.  Were there any transportation problems or concerns relating to this student’s movement from the middle school to the high school?



2.  Was this student accepted as a teammate by the other members of the high school team?



3.  Was this student able to compete successfully at the high school level?



4.  Did the added pressure cause or promote any emotional or psychological problems for this student?



5.  Overall, was this a positive or negative experience for this student?  Why?



6.  Please make any additional comments in regards to the evaluation of this program.



Thank you for sharing this information and your perceptions.

____________________________________________   _______________

High school coach signature                                       Date