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Series 604. - Parent Request Form: Middle School Student Participation in High School Junior Varsity or Varsity Athletic Activities-Gifted Athlete


Student’s name _______________________________________________________________

Address ______________________________________________________________________

Phone (_______) _____________________  Sport______________________________________

1.  How do you feel about your child possibly competing at the high school level?



2.  Are you aware of any special requirements, transportation needs or other issues that you or your child would find to be a problem?



3.  Does your child participate in this sport outside of school?  If yes, identify where and the extent of participation.



4.  How successful do you feel your child will be in competing at the high school level?  Please share any information that causes you to believe this.



5.  Will continued participation at the middle school level be harmful, embarrassing or detrimental to your child or his or her teammates if placement at the high school level does not occur?  Please explain.



6.  Are there any other comments you wish to make regarding this recommendation?



Thank you in advance for sharing this information and your perceptions.

Please return the completed form to your child’s middle school principal.


__________________________________________________  ______________

Parent or guardian signature                                       Date