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Series 604. - Notification of Request for Middle School Student Participation in High School Junior Varsity or Varsity Athletic Activities-Gifted Athlete







Dear _____________________________________:

Enclosed you will find application forms to be completed by you and your child relating to a request to participate on an athletic team at the high school your child will attend in ninth grade*. I ask that you discuss the matter with your child and provide your child with any needed assistance in completing the form. Both forms should be returned to me as soon as it is convenient.

Enclosed you will also find a copy of our district policy regarding the participation of a middle school student on a high school team. Such participation is an exception to the normal practice, but it is appropriate for a very few highly skilled and talented athletes whose level of performance far exceeds the program and the competition provided at the middle school level. Middle school students participating in high school athletics will not be released early from school to attend practice, but may be released early to attend competitions.

As soon as your request is returned to me, I will contact our athletic director and ask that a thorough study be made of this request by members of our staff who know your child well. Then we will contact the principal of the high school and enlist the help of his or her staff to determine the feasibility of your child participating at that level.

I appreciate your concern and support for your child and the athletic programs of our school district. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about our program or this process of meeting your child's needs.



Middle School Principal


*If your child does not reside in the attendance area of the high school he/she will attend in ninth grade, complete and attach to the gifted athlete request forms District Procedure 502.4, Student Transfer Application, or District Procedure 502.4.1P, Application to Participate in State Enrollment Options Program.