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Series 604. - High School Administrator Evaluation Gifted Athlete Process

Adopted: November 1986
Revised: January 2013


School__________________________________    Date ______________________________

Administrator___________________________    School Year ________________________

Please complete and return this form to the middle school principal to keep on file for future program evaluation.

1.    How many staffings did you have for gifted athlete status evaluations?

2.    Results:       Number accepted                  

                          Number denied                     

3.    What is your overall appraisal of how the program has worked this year?




4.    Overall, how have the athletes been accepted by their junior varsity or varsity teams teammates?




5.    Overall, how have parents and staff accepted the gifted athlete program?



6.    Overall, was this a positive or negative experience for the majority of gifted athletes?



7.    How has the selection process worked?