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Series 602.6.2.7P - Meeting Summary for Consideration of Single Subject Acceleration 


Student's name ______________________________________________  Date                                                                                                                                           

School ______________________________  Grade_____ Subject area                                   

Signature of people in attendance and their recommendation for whether the student should be approved for single subject acceleration:

                               Recommended   Not Recommended                                      Recommended      Not Recommended

_______________________     ❏               ❏               _________________________     ❏                    ❏


_______________________     ❏                ❏                 _________________________   ❏                    ❏


_______________________     ❏                ❏                  _________________________   ❏                    ❏


_______________________     ❏                 ❏                    _________________________ ❏                   ❏



The team decision process has been completed in accordance with Regulation 602.6.2AR, Single Subject Acceleration of Students in Grades K-8. The above-named student is:


    not approved for single subject acceleration in                                  .


    approved for single subject acceleration from                           to                         .



Signature of principal                                   Date

Parent or Guardian:  Please sign below to indicate that you are aware of the decision that has been made.


Signature of parent or guardian                     Date

  • Copy to student's cumulative folder 
  • Copy to director of teaching and learning
  • If approved, copy to student information supervisor
  • Copy to school’s case study files