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Series 602.6.2.1P - Request for Consideration of Single Acceleration


To be completed by the person making the request:

This form should be submitted to the school principal or the gifted and talented specialist/coordinator between September 1 and May 1. Requests received after May 1 will be processed during the following school year. After this document is received, a referral team consisting of the school principal, gifted and talented specialist/coordinator, psychologist and classroom teacher will review the request and determine if the single subject acceleration process should be started.

Student’s name                                                                                                     

Date of birth            Grade           School                                                        

Subject area                                                                                                          

Name of person requesting single subject acceleration                                               

Relationship to student                                                                                          

Name of parent(s)/guardian(s)                                                                                 

Address                                                                            Phone                            

Please attach a letter or state below the rationale for single subject acceleration. Your information will help the referral team decide the next step. Rationale should be written by the person requesting acceleration.