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Series 602.6.1.3P - Permission for Grade Consideration

Adopted: September 1980
Revised: September 2008



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

We have reviewed the request for grade acceleration for your child,                                       . That review has resulted in a recommendation to obtain academic, cognitive and personal information relevant to grade acceleration. We need your written permission to proceed with the data collection process. The following areas will be evaluated:

  • Social and emotional development;
  • Intellectual ability, and
  • Academic achievement.

Please indicate your permission to proceed with the assessment by signing and returning the bottom portion of this sheet to the gifted and talented specialist/coordinator at your child's school. If you have any questions, please call                                                                          at                         .

Gifted and talented specialist/coordinator        Phone



Signature of principal




Permission for Grade Acceleration Consideration


   Yes, I give permission for the school to proceed with the grade acceleration process.

   No, I do not give the school permission to proceed with the grade acceleration process.




Student's name                                               Signature of parent or guardian



Grade                                                             Date

Received by gifted and talented specialist/coordinator and principal:


Signature of gifted and talented specialist/coordinator              Date



Signature of principal                                       Date

c: case studies file