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Series 602.6.1.3P - Permission for Grade Consideration

Adopted: September 1980
Revised: September 2021



Dear Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

We have reviewed the request for grade acceleration for your child,                                       . That review has resulted in a recommendation to provide six weeks of intervention to determine if your child’s needs can be met in the current grade placement through program changes or modification and to obtain academic, cognitive and personal information relevant to grade acceleration. We need your written permission to proceed with the data collection process. The following areas will be evaluated:

  • Social and emotional and motivational development;
  • Intellectual ability, and
  • Academic achievement.

Please indicate your permission to proceed with the assessment by signing and returning the bottom portion of this sheet to the gifted and talent development teacher at your child's school. If you have any questions, please call                                                                          at                         .

Gifted and talent development teacher        Phone



Signature of principal




Permission for Grade Acceleration Consideration


   Yes, I give permission for the school to proceed with the grade acceleration process.

   No, I do not give the school permission to proceed with the grade acceleration process.




Student's name                                               Signature of parent or guardian



Grade                                                             Date

Received by gifted and talent development teacher and principal:


Signature of gifted and talent development teacher              Date



Signature of principal                                       Date

c: case studies file