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Series 602.12.2AR - Alternative Length of School Day for High School Students

Adopted: January 1978
Revised: January 1991

1.  The length of the school day for individual high school students may be changed if all the following conditions are met:

1.1 The student is at least 16 years old;

1.2 The student attends supervised classes in his or her usual school for at least five hours per day;

1.3 The school principal designs for the student a work-study option or other non-work experience of real educational value, and

1.4 The student’s parent or guardian approves the option in writing.

2. For each student for whom the length of the school day is adjusted, the principal must maintain a written record that includes:

2.1 The type of work-study option or other educational experience to be pursued;

2.2 The reason for the exemption, and

2.3 The method of ensuring that the program is actually pursued.