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Series 507 - Student Fees and Fines

Adopted: March 1992
Revised: October 2008

1. No Fees Required to Meet Graduation Requirements – No District 196 student will be denied an education because of his or her economic inability to furnish instructional supplies necessary to complete educational requirements for graduation.

2. Fees

2.1 Students may be charged fees in areas considered to be cocurricular, supplementary to the educational requirements for graduation or otherwise permitted by state law.

2.2 District-approved fees, as authorized by the School Board after appropriate public hearing, may be charged to help fund activities which are not required for graduation.

2.3 The board must hold a public hearing for any fee not specifically authorized or prohibited by state statute.

2.4 Schools may reduce or waive student fees (except for parking fees and work experience disadvantaged - WED - transportation fees) for international exchange students, for students who qualify for free or reduced-price meals, or for students who, because of temporary family financial difficulty, require a fee reduction or waiver.

3. Fines

3.1 The school district shall charge students for lost or damaged/destroyed books, materials, supplies and equipment which are owned by the district; including damage to school buses.

3.2 Schools may fine students for parking violations on school property.


  • Minnesota Administrative Rules – 3500.1050 Definitions for Pupil Fees
  • Minnesota Public School Fee Law, Minnesota Statutes 123B.34-39