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Series 505.3AR - Student’s Name on School Records

Adopted: May 1987
Revised: September 2018

1. Source of Name

1.1 District 196 will use the name from the student’s birth record on official
school records, except under the following conditions.

1.1.1 If a student has been legally adopted and legal documentation is
provided, the district will use the student’s name from the court
order, decree or certificate of adoption.

1.1.2 If a student has received a court-ordered name change, the district
will use the student’s name from the court order.

1.2 District 196 personnel will record only the name as defined above on all
official district records and papers. When in doubt, district personnel
shall ask for documentation (production of birth record, court-ordered
name change, etc.)

1.3 District 196 personnel may use a student’s preferred name or nickname
in conversation and on unofficial records.

2. Name Change – Requests to change a student’s name on official school records
must be accompanied by documentation of a legal name change in the form of a
court-ordered change or legal adoption.