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Series 505.1.3.1P - Student Record Systems and Authorizing Statutes

Adopted:  January 1985
Revised:  May 2015

District 196 maintains educational records using two systems.

1. Cumulative records are gathered on all students in the regular educational program, including group achievement and ability measures, Title I services, English Language Learner services, Gifted and Talented services, interest inventories, disciplinary interventions, transcripts and other records, and logs and notes as appropriate.

2. Child study records are gathered when direct and indirect services and programs are delivered to individual students, including individually administered achievement tests, sensory and motor function tests, intellectual measures and other records, individual educational plans, evaluation reports and logs and notes as appropriate. Such services and programs include but are not limited to psychological services, and special education services.



  • Minnesota Statute 13.32, Educational Data -
  • Minnesota Statutes Chapters 120-129B, Education Code–Pre-k-Grade 12
  • Minnesota Statute 138.17, Government Records; Administration
  • 20 USC § 1232g, Family Education Rights and Privacy Act
  • 20 USC § 1400-14910, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act
  • 20 USC § 6301-7941, Elementary and Secondary Education
  • 29 USC § 794, Nondiscrimination Under Federal Grants and Programs