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Series 502.4.4AR - Student Transfers: Daycare for Students in Grades K-5

Adopted: February 1987
Revised: April 2009

1. Authorization – The superintendent designates the authority to approve or deny transfers to the directors of elementary education (for students in grades k-5) and special education (for students in center-based special education programs).

2. Criteria – Daycare transfers are only considered for students in kindergarten through grade five who live in one elementary school attendance area (either within or outside District 196) and attend daycare in the attendance area of another District 196 elementary school.

3. Application Process

3.1 District 196 Resident – Submit completed Procedure 502.4.4P, Student Transfers: Daycare for Students in Grades K-5 to the District 196 student information supervisor.

3.2 Nonresident – Submit completed Procedure 502.4.1P, Application to Participate in the State Enrollment Options Program to the District 196 student information supervisor. If the student will need transportation to and/or from the daycare provider to the school, submit completed Procedure 502.4.4P, Student Transfers: Daycare for Students in Grades K-5 to the student information supervisor by January 5.

3.2.1 Nonresidents who request a school which has no space available will be given the opportunity to apply to a school with space available.

4. Duration and Timing – Transfers are arranged for one school year at a time and must be approved each school year.