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Series 502.3P - Attendance Priorities for Transfer Students – Magnet Schools

Adopted: April 2009
Revised:  February 2016

1. Overview – Enrollment in magnet schools will occur in the two phases listed below. Magnet school information, guidelines and application are available at

2. Enrollment Process

2.1 Phase One: Attendance Area Enrollment – The following students will be enrolled to attend the magnet school. No magnet school application is necessary.

2.1.1 Students who live in the attendance area of the magnet school they want to attend.

2.1.2 Students who are District 196 residents and attend daycare in the attendance area of a magnet school, in accordance with Policy 502, Student Transfers.

2.2 Phase Two: Reserved Enrollment – Placements will be made from the following groups, in the order listed, using a random selection process, alternating by gender. If space no longer remains when a name is drawn, the student will be added to a waiting list for his or her choice school. A magnet school application is necessary.

2.2.1 District residents who live outside the magnet school attendance area but have one or more siblings currently enrolled there.

2.2.2 Cedar Park, Diamond Path, Echo Park, Glacier Hills and Oak Ridge attendance area students applying for a magnet school other than their own.

2.2.3 Applicants to Cedar Park, Echo Park and Oak Ridge from a non-title District 196 attendance school.

2.2.4 All remaining applicants who are District 196 residents.

2.2.5 Siblings of current magnet school students who do not reside in District 196.

2.2.6 All remaining applicants who do not reside in District 196.