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Series 501.2AR - Admission to School: Age Limitations and Enrollment Options/Alternatives

1. Age Limitations – Age limitations for students attending school in District 196 shall be in compliance with Minnesota Statute 120A.20, Admission to public school.

1.1 A student registering for kindergarten must be five years of age on September 1 of the school year he or she seeks admission.

1.2 A student registering for first grade must have completed kindergarten or be six years of age on September 1 of the school year for which he or she seeks admission.

1.3 A regular education student seeking admission to secondary programs must be under 21 years of age on the student’s first day of attendance.

1.4 A regular education student who becomes age 21 after enrollment is eligible for continued free public school enrollment until at least one of the following occurs: the first September 1 after the pupil’s 21st birthday; the pupil’s completion of the graduation requirements; the pupil’s withdrawal with no subsequent enrollment within 21 calendar days, or the end of the school year.

1.5 In accordance with Minnesota Statue 125A.03, Special instruction for children with a disability, students with disabilities identified through the child study process may be registered for special instruction and services from birth until July 1 after the student becomes 21 years old but shall not extend beyond secondary school or its equivalent except as provided in Minnesota Statute 124D.68, Graduation incentives programs.

2. Early Entrance to Kindergarten – Early entrance exceptions to section 1.1 above will be considered for children who turn five years of age September 2 – October 31.

2.1 Parents or guardians requesting an early entrance evaluation for their child must complete and submit the following to the Director of Elementary Education between January 1 and May 31 of the year they want their child to start kindergarten:

2.1.1 Procedure 501.2.2P, Request for Consideration for Early Entrance to Kindergarten;

2.1.2 A copy of a record verifying age and name of the child. Acceptable records may include a passport, hospital birth record or physician’s certificate, a baptismal or religious certificate, an adoption record, health records, immunization records, immigration records, previously verified school records, early childhood screening records, Minnesota Immunization Information Connection records, or an affidavit from a parent to verify birthdate and legal name. and

2.1.3 The $200 nonrefundable fee.

2.2 After receipt of the paperwork and payment, the parent or guardian will be contacted to schedule an evaluation to be conducted in March or June to assess whether the child is ready to begin kindergarten one year early. All evaluations are to be completed by June 30.

2.3 The parent or guardian must submit a completed parent report and a preschool teacher’s observation report (if applicable) of the child’s knowledge, skills and abilities at the time of psychological evaluation.

2.4 Scholarships for the $200 fee are available for parents who qualify based on federal standards for free or reduced-price school meals or complete an Application for Financial Assistance which may be requested from the Department of Elementary Education.

2.5 The child must score at or above the 95th percentile on a psychological evaluation such as Wechsler Preschool and Primary Scales of Intelligence in order to be considered for early entrance. Notification of acceptance or denial for early entrance to kindergarten will be mailed to the parent/guardian following the evaluation.

3. Compulsory School Attendance – All students shall be governed by Minnesota Statute 120A.22, Compulsory instruction (see Administrative Regulation 503.2.1AR, Truancy) which states that children between the ages of 7 and 17 years of age must receive instruction unless the child has graduated. In addition, every child under the age of seven who is enrolled in a kindergarten program shall receive instruction.

4. Enrollment Options, 18-20 Years of Age

4.1 Prior to registration of students age 18-20, counselors shall:

4.1.1 Evaluate the student’s educational records;

4.1.2 Evaluate the student's credits toward graduation as compared to the student's remaining years of eligibility for a free public education as stated in 1.4 above, and

4.1.3 Evaluate factors that may impair completion of high school graduation requirements such as English language proficiency, need for employment, family responsibility, etc.

4.1.4 If the student will be unable to complete the graduation requirements during the timeframe stated in 1.4 above, the student should be counseled about educational alternatives such as certain post-secondary vocational programs, General Educational Development (GED) diploma and adult basic education (ABE).

4.2 Upon completion of the sequence in 4.1, the student should be given the option to enroll in District 196 or seek other alternatives.

5. Enrollment Alternatives, 21 Years of Age – A pupil who becomes age 21 after enrollment may remain enrolled until at least one of the following occurs: the first September 1 after the pupil’s 21st birthday, the pupil’s completion of the graduation requirements, the pupil’s withdrawal with no subsequent enrollment within 21 calendar days, or the end of the school year.

5.1 At the conclusion of the final year of eligibility the student will:

5.1.1 Graduate according to Administrative Regulation 602.4AR, Requirements for Graduation, or

5.1.2 Have his or her education terminated by sending Procedure 501.2.5P, Notice of Termination of Education. This form should be presented to the student no later than April 1 of the final year of eligibility for school. 

5.1.3 Prior to the conclusion of the final year of eligibility for education, the student's counselor shall meet with the student and explain the alternatives for pursuing additional education and assist the student, as needed, in contacting agencies and individuals to initiate involvement in other educational pursuits.


  • Minnesota Statute 120A.20, Admission to public school
  • Minnesota Statute 120A.22, Compulsory instruction
  • Minnesota Statute 124D.02, School board powers; enrollment
  • Minnesota Statute 124D.68, Graduation incentives program
  • Minnesota Statute 125A.03, Special instruction for children with a disability