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Series 501.2.5P - Notice of Termination of Education

Adopted: January 1983
Revised: February 2008



Student age 18 or older

      According to Minnesota Statute 120A.20, Admission to public schools, and District Regulation 501.2AR, Admission to School: Age Limitations and Enrollment Options/Alternatives, the legal obligation of the school district to provide a free public education ends when at least one of the following occurs: the first September 1 after the pupil’s 21st birthday; the pupil’s completion of the graduation requirements; the pupil’s withdrawal with no subsequent enrollment within 21 calendar days, or the end of the school year. At that time, you are no longer eligible for enrollment in the k-12 programs in District 196.

     There are ways that you can continue to receive an education after age 21. To help you understand your options, you are encouraged to make an appointment with your counselor. District 196 personnel will make every effort to assist you in contacting agencies or individuals that can help you with other educational opportunities.

     We hope that you have benefited from your time in District 196 and that the skills and knowledge you have acquired will help you as you pursue additional education or enter the work field.




Principal or Designee