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Series 407.4AR - Participation in Political and Governmental Activities

Adopted: January 1990
Revised: April 2016

1.  Any employee who knows he or she will be or has been appointed to an office or who intends to campaign for an office that may affect the carrying out of his or her responsibilities to the district shall notify his or her supervisor in writing, as soon as possible. The notification shall include the office, whether he or she wishes to continue to be employed by the district and, if so, under what terms and conditions.

1.1 The employee’s supervisor shall meet with the employee to discuss these issues and shall present a proposal for handling the situation to the director of human resources or designee. This proposal shall include how the employee will meet his or her responsibilities to the district.

1.2 The final arrangement will be approved by the superintendent or designee after consulting with the director of human resources or designee. The essential element to be determined by the superintendent is whether the proposal is consistent with the employee’s responsibilities to the district.

1.3 Leave for employees serving in elected or appointed political or governmental office shall be in accordance with applicable state and federal law.

2. When a person is hired who is serving in an elective or appointive office, arrangements for meeting his or her responsibilities to the district shall be determined at the time of hire by the new employee, the employee’s supervisor and the director of human resources or designee. The superintendent or designee shall approve the final arrangement.

3. Employees may not use district facilities, equipment or supplies for campaigning and may not use any time during the work day for campaigning purposes.


  • Minnesota Statute 3.088, Leave of absence
  • Minnesota Statute 179A.07, Rights and obligations of employers
  • Minnesota Statute 202A.135, Leave time from employment; party officers; delegates to party conventions
  • Minnesota Statute 204B.195, Time off from work to serve as election judge
  • Minnesota Statute 211B.10, subd. 2, Time off for public office meetings