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Series 405.8.3.2P - Employee Check Request

Adopted: January 2012
Revised: November 2017

District employees and School Board members may request reimbursement for expenses incurred while in attendance at or traveling to and from conferences, seminars and workshops or while engaged in other approved travel in accordance with district policy.  Reimbursement requests for expenses must be submitted within 60 days after the expenses were paid or incurred.  Except in extraordinary circumstances, reimbursement amounts for expenses submitted after the 60-day period will be treated as taxable income, subject to income and employment taxes per IRS guidelines. Generally each staff person must submit their own separate reimbursement request identifying individual expenses. 
Employee Name        
    Last   First  
Employee Number        
          Send check to: note building or home  
Date Description Amount  
          Total    $0.00  
Fund - Org - Prg - Fin - Obj - Crs Amount Verified  
Employee Signature       Date    
Approval  (Principal/Authorized Administrator - original signature only) Date