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Series 403.4.2.7P - Facilities and Grounds Personnel Performance Appraisal - Building Chief

Employee Name:           Job Title:  Building Chief  
Employee Number:           Date of Evaluation:    
Department/School:       Period of Evaluation:  Annual  
Rate from 5 to 1  -  5 is exceptional, 3 is standard, 1 is unacceptable    
Personal Performance Standards     Rating Comments
1.  Prompt notification of absence            
2.  Appropriate use of sick leave              
3.  Appropriate use of break time            
4.  Demonstrates industrious attitude            
5.  Demonstrates cooperative attitude            
6.  Demonstrates enthusiastic attitude            
7.  Demonstrates resourceful attitude            
8.  Demonstrates courteous attitude            
9.  Demonstrates commitment to the position          
10. Demonstrates organizational ability            
11. Demonstrates rapport with staff and students          
12. Displays neat clean appearance            
13. Provides high quality of work              
14. Provides high quantity of work            
15. Office and mechanical room cleanliness            
1.  Delegates work appropriately              
2.  Demonstrates communication skills            
3.  Displays independent decision making            
4.  Displays foresight in assignments            
5.  Displays creative problem solving            
6.  Demonstrates human relation skills            
7.  Demonstrates proper training skills            
8.  Performs duties in responsible manner            
9.  Evaluates progress of employee            
Knowledge of Custodial Practices/Equipment          
1.  Displays operating knowledge of equipment          
2.  Maintains and repairs equipment            
3.  Wet mopping                
4.  Window washing                
5.  Stripping and waxing              
6.  Lavatory cleaning                
7.  Carpet care                
8.  Dusting                
9.  Furniture cleaning                
10. Pool cleaning                
Maintenance Knowledge       Rating Comments
1.  HVAC operation                
2.  Boilers                
3.  Air conditioning and refrigeration            
4.  Pneumatics                
5.  Locksmithing                
6.  Plumbing                
7.  Electrical                
8.  Swimming pools                
9.  Blueprints                
10. Pumps                
11. Painting                
12. Preventive maintenance              
13. Daily log sheets                
Health and Safety                
1.  Eye/face wash and shower inspection            
2.  Fire extinguisher inspection              
3.  Lockout/tagout -- maintain proper equipment, annual audit          
4.  Personal protective equipment --             
                      Proper usage, condition & cleanliness          
1.  Appearance of grounds              
2.  Mower operation                
3.  Tractor operation                
4.  Layout and striping              
5.  Small engines                
6.  Machinery maintenance              
7.  Sprinkler systems                
8.  Playgrounds                
9.  Snowplowing                
10. Ball field maintenance              
Evaluator Comments:              
Employee Comments:              
Employee Goals:                  
I hereby acknowledge that I have had an opportunity to review and discuss the contents and comments of this evaluation
with my supervisor.                
Employee Signature:        Date:        
Evaluator Signature:           Date:       
School Administrator Signature:       Date:       
Facilities and Grounds Signature:      Date: